Laughter Clubs Promote Everlasting Friendships



Once again the Laughter Club has proved to be the most effective network of caring, sharing and establishing eternal bonds. In a recent incident, Mr. Mingo, a laughter leader from Taiwan met with an unfortunate car accident just after finishing a laughter session on May 3rd, 2010 (the day after WLD). While recovering in the hospital, his fellow laughter club members visited him regularly in the hospital and gave him the healing love energy which brought tears of joy in his eyes and a feeling of belonging.

愛笑俱樂部又再一次地證明它可以增進人際之間的連結,建立關懷分享的人際網絡。Mingo(歐巴馬笑長)是台灣的 一位愛笑俱樂部的笑長,他在世界愛笑日隔天5月3日的早上帶領完愛笑運動回家途中不幸發生車禍。在醫院恢復的過程中,他的俱樂部笑友們持續不斷地到醫院探視 他,同時給他療癒的能量,讓他感動到禁不住掉下淚來。


Developing Into Close Knit Communities


Such is the power of social Laughter Clubs which reaches beyond the healing of laughter. Relationships with people with whom we laugh regularly tend to become very strong and it enhances the bond of friendship and brotherhood. With the spread of Laughter Clubs worldwide, its members experience a sense of affiliation and belonging to the group. In fact, these clubs are soon developing into close-knit communities with familial ties. More important, people form close ties with others, irrespective of the economic stratum they belong to. They not only care for an individual’s happiness but also share their sorrows, thus reinforcing in the person a feeling of belonging to an accepting and caring community. This has made people more secure, than their non-member relatives and friends. In another incident, a senior member from a Laughter Club in Mumbai, India, burst into tears of joy, when he found his hospital room flooded with flowers from visitors of the Laughter Club, when none of his family members and relatives turned up.


This is the kind of ‘Laughing Family’ that the whole world is waiting for. A Laughter Club, in many ways, provides a protective shell which safeguards our emotional well-being. It has brought a lot of people together and created an awareness that one is not alone with one’s problems.



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